Michael Hall
This is not my beautiful house!This is not my beautiful wife!Letting the days go byLetting the days go by (detail)Folded inFolded in (detail)Tucked awayTucked away (detail)And you may tell yourself 1And you may tell yourself 2Same as it ever wasSame as it ever was (detail)How they stack up
How they stack up (detail)Into the blue againAnd you may find yourself (quartet)And you may find yourself in a beautiful houseAnd you may find yourself livingAnd you may find yourself in another partAnd you may find yourself behindBonus PhotoAPR 66Step
This is Not Your Beautiful Life
My work begins with an observation of history. I am particularly interested in historical narratives found in disgarded photographs. Whether public or private these artifacts retain the ability to generate a dialogue not only about the time they originated but give perspective on current events as well.

Reinterpreting an image through painting is a way for me to reconnect with an image, reflect on what I imagine is happening in it and gain new insight through research of it. By careful observation of an abandoned image I find myself forming narratives about the people depicted, the time they were in and my own relation to that period, as well as to the physical photographs and the lost or dying process used to make them.

Though photography plays a key role in my work as a reference and subject it is ultimately my love of painting that keeps me working. I actively engage in its tradition and its visceral encouragement to linger and look is essential to my work.