Michael Hall
A Course of Action map with runnersA Course of Action map - Three ObstaclesCompositional BalanceOver the TopTo Mark the Highest AchievementPush to the EndParticipant Commemoration RibbonA Course of Action mapCompositional Balance obstacle designOver the Top obstacle designUnder the Sun Above the Ground obstacle designCanonical Tagets obstacle designMark the Highest Achievement obstacle designPerfect Circle Perfect LIne obstacle designPush to the End obstacle designOver the Top (mock up with painted surface)Canonical Targets with standsCanonical Targets (selected targets)Through Failure Comes PossibilityTo Mark the Highest Achievement Obstacle (pre-public markings)
A Course of Action
Modeled after a military training course, this obstacle course of participatory paintings merges military and painterly aesthetics and challenges the participant to compete in a course of physical as well as creative problem solving. This project marks the first of a new series of participatory paintings where the viewer becomes an active contributor in completing the work.

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