Michael Hall
Pressed Together Looking ForwardShowing You Off But Keeping You CloseWe are held together despite being held apartIn Our GraspHeld TogetherOne in the Hand is Worth Two in the BushHold Still, I Love YouFlattery Won't Get You ThereI Don't Want to Lose YouThe Finding is in the HandlingI Hold You Tight to Keep You SafeI Hold You Tight to Keep You SafeA Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
The Banded series arrived from contemplating the dynamics of protection and control. When I first encountered bird banding I was immediately struck by the conflict in the action. It is ultimately a protective act but also intrusive and stressful for the bird. Much like the protective dynamics in a relationship. The titles reflect the juxtaposition of the powerplays and intentions found in parental or amorous relationship. Sometimes we hold too tight, sometimes not enough. It is an interesting dynamic that I continue to explore.